Course On Computer Concepts


The course is intended to prepare students to utilise computers in both professional and personal settings. It offers both theoretical basis and in-depth understanding of software/packages. The incumbent will be digitally literate after finishing the course and will be able to:

  • Gain confidence in utilising computers in the workplace and in everyday life Will be able to recognise fundamental computer components and terminology;
  • Use word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools to create documents. Understand computer networks, as well as access the internet, do content searches, send emails, and communicate with peers.
  • Use e-Government programmes and the computer to develop and learn new skills, Understanding the Social Media Platform Using the internet to access digital financial services.

Individuals would be able to grasp the different financial services and government initiatives after completing the financial literacy session.


This course can also be delivered as a 90-days full-time intensive session.


There is no minimum qualification necessary to apply for or take the Course on Computer Concepts [CCC] test.

Job Role:

Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, and Social Media Operator