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Basic computer education is one of the most important things that everyone must have learned, this website provides basic knowledge of computers according to the syllabus of government educational programs like CCC, ADCA, DCA, etc.

Online Computer Study (OCS) provides a platform for free Basic Computer Courses  where everyone can learn practical and theoretical knowledge about the concepts of computers and practice with an Online CCC test.


CCC is a practical certification course that offers Fundamentals of computer, hardware and software and Libra Office overview.


The ADCA is a one-year diploma program that advanced study of software design and computer applications.


DCA is a one-two year technical diploma program that focuse on teaching and fundamentals of computer applications.

Online Practice Test

An online mock test is a simulated exam conducted over the internet that imitates the structure, format, and content of an actual test, its very helpful to increase your knowledge and help to crack exams on first attempt.


Online Practice Test

NIELIT CCC  is an introductory computer literacy course provided by NIELIT in India. It goes on computer basics, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, internet basics, and other topics.  Participants then take a computer-based online test to acquire a widely recognized credential. 


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Study Material

We are providing the complete study materials for CCC, ADCA, DCA in the form of Important Qus / Ans, Free E-Books, Computer Basic practical projects, M.S Office, Shortcut Keys , Full Forms, Glossaries etc.

Full Forms

According to lists of acronyms,  is an abbreviation created from the first letters of a longer name or phrase.


A vocabulary of terminology and ideas related to computing, including terms from fields of programming.

Ques / Ans

Providing incredibly useful and well chosen Basic Computer Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams.

E - books

The advantages of e-books over traditional and ease of use, make them a popular choice for readers.

Shortcut Keys

By implementing keyboard shortcuts into your regular activities, you can save time and complete more in less time.


Need inspiration for computer project ideas? Explore the some novel and creative ideas in this platform.

Domo Digital

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Domo digital is an ISO certified govt registrered trust under Niti Ayog, Govt of India. The trust is responsible for provide IT skill education to students of rural areas to build a skillful youthbase. Main branch and institute is running in Fatehpur U.P named Domo Digital Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Computer Study  website provides basic knowledge of computers according to the syllabus of government educational programs like CCC, ADCA, DCA, etc.

Website is also carry the knowledge about Shortcut-keys, Computer glossary, Abbreviation (Full Form), CCC Mock test for better preparation to crack the Exams. 

CCC is a foundational computer literacy program that teaches key computer literacy skills, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and internet uses.

Online CCC practise tests offer a simulated exam environment and assess candidates’ knowledge and readiness for the CCC exam, according to the website.

To pass the CCC exam the first time, completely go over the entire syllabus, take online practice exams, concentrate on your weak areas, manage your time during the exam, and remain cool and confident.

 A DCA is a “Diploma in Computer Application,” and an ADCA is a “Advanced Diploma in Computer Application.” A greater understanding of computer applications and principles is provided by ADCA, which often covers more advanced topics than DCA.

Opportunities for career after completing ADCA or DCA include those as a computer operator, data entry clerk, office assistant, customer support executive, and work in IT support and administration in numerous industries.

CCC certification offers you to work in computer operations, data entry, office help, customer service, and entry-level professions.

O Level, complete computer course covering advanced topics, and CCC, a fundamental computer literacy programmed, are both available at NIELIT.