MS Excel Project for Calculate the Sales of Cars

Instructions :

  1. Create an Excel sheet to calculate the Sales of Alto and Maruti 800 of ABC Maruti Sales Centre.

  2. Format the spreadsheet and design it as given below. Merge two rows together to display the field names.

  3. To calculate the revenue of Alto for the month of January, enter the formula as given below. The formula will multiply the number of units sold with the price per unit using Absolute referencing.

  4. Copy the formula to the rest of the cells in the same column.

  5. Similarly, enter the formula to calculate the Revenue of Maruti 800.

  6. Calculate the Total Revenue by adding the Revenue of Maruti Alto and Maruti 800 using formula

  7. Now copy the formula to calculate the revenue for all the months.

  8. In the ‘Total Annual Turnover’ section, enter the formulas to calculate the total turnover of the ye turnover of all the months.

  9. Calculate the total number of units sold in the whole year.